Electricity Generation using Hand Gripper


  • Prof. S. A. Karve, Aniket A Ghatole, Vishal A Jadhav, Parth S Patare, Akshay S Satpute Author


Portable Power Sources, Mechanical Energy Conversion, Sustainable Energy, Emergency Charging Solutions, Mobile Device Charging.


As our reliance on mobile devices intensifies in the digital era, the demand for innovative, portable, and sustainable power sources becomes paramount. Traditional battery technology, while advancing, often lags behind the escalating energy requirements, compelling users to seek dependable and convenient charging alternatives. This research delves into the creation of a pioneering hand gripper that generates electricity by converting mechanical energy. Utilizing a sophisticated gear train mechanism, this device effectively transforms the mechanical energy from hand squeezing into usable electrical energy. The resulting electricity is sufficient to charge mobile phones and other low-power electronic devices, providing a practical and eco-friendly power solution. Beyond its environmental benefits, this hand gripper is particularly advantageous in remote areas and emergency scenarios, where conventional power sources are scarce or entirely unavailable. This innovation not only addresses the immediate need for sustainable energy but also enhances the accessibility and resilience of personal power solutions in diverse and challenging environments.




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Electricity Generation using Hand Gripper. (2024). International Journal of Open Publication and Exploration, ISSN: 3006-2853, 12(1), 22-28. https://ijope.com/index.php/home/article/view/137

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