The Influence of Cultural Diversity on AI Ethics: A Global Comparative Analysis


  • Kerong Ben University of Colorado, Boulder, USA Author


society’s worldwide, AI development, cultural sensitivity


As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to permeate various aspects of our daily lives, the ethical considerations surrounding its development, deployment, and impact have gained significant attention. This study aims to investigate the influence of cultural diversity on AI ethics through a comprehensive global comparative analysis. Recognizing that cultural perspectives play a crucial role in shaping ethical norms, we explore how different societies approach and interpret ethical issues related to AI technologies. The research employs a multi-faceted methodology, combining qualitative and quantitative approaches to capture the nuances of cultural influences on AI ethics. Data is collected from diverse regions, encompassing both developed and developing countries, to ensure a broad representation of cultural perspectives. Our analysis considers factors such as historical context, societal values, legal frameworks, and public perceptions to provide a holistic understanding of how cultural diversity shapes the ethical considerations associated with AI.




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The Influence of Cultural Diversity on AI Ethics: A Global Comparative Analysis. (2023). International Journal of Open Publication and Exploration, ISSN: 3006-2853, 11(2), 25-30.

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