Exploring the Impact of Infotainment Systems in Electric Vehicles: A Comprehensive Review


  • Prof. Sushma Patwardhan, Prof. Harshalata Toke, Prof. Komal Wanzare, Prof. Sujata Girawale Author


Hybrid Solar-Electric EV, Sustainable Urban Transportation, Solar Energy Utilization, Innovative Vehicle Technology, Environmental Conservation, Cost-Efficiency, Collaborative Innovation.


In today's environmentally conscious society, prioritizing sustainable transportation solutions has become paramount. This study delves into the intricate process of developing an advanced prototype for a Hybrid Solar-Electric Electric Vehicle (EV) tailored for urban commuting. Picture a vehicle not solely reliant on gasoline but also capable of harnessing solar energy to power itself – that's the innovative concept at the heart of our exploration. We'll guide you through each stage of this endeavor, from conceptualization to realization, shedding light on the array of cutting-edge features and innovations incorporated to maximize efficiency and environmental friendliness. Moreover, we'll examine the potential benefits of widespread adoption of such vehicles, including pollution reduction and long-term cost savings. By the conclusion, you'll grasp the significance of collaborative efforts and inventive thinking in shaping a cleaner, greener future for urban mobility.




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