Study of Spinal Mobility of Participants in Yoga and Gymnastics


  • Dr. Gurupreet Singh Author


Spinal Mobility, Gymnastics


Mobility is refers to ease with which an articulation is able to move before being restricted by the surroundings structures.Motion in the spinal is produced by the coordinated action of nerve and musles. Hart and Madagon(1995) measured spinal range of movements, according to them these measurement were remarkably content and provide the best measure of the progress of spinal stiffness in any given case. In early cases,where pain rather than structural change prevent movement,a definite increase could be obtained in the spinal range as a result of effective treatment. Moll and Wright (1971) studied the total 237 subjects in which all ages between the second and ninth decades. Mobility of spinal in females in anterior flexion and extension. Whereas spinal mobility in female exceeded mobility in lateral flexion. They gave the emphasis on the importance of normal mobility in terms of a wide range of values and demonstrated the considerable scatter of spinal mobility. Sturrok et al. (1973) conducted a study on the spinal movement of the 142 clinically normal males and females with the Dunham's spondylometer and tried to establish the range of normal values for spinal movements.They suggested that the total range of spinal mobility diminished with age and range of extension in women in the child bearing years was superiar to men because of hormonal effort.




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