AI-Driven Customer Relationship Management in PK Salon Management System


  • Ashok Choppadandi, Jagbir Kaur, Pradeep Kumar Chenchala, Satyanarayan Kanungo, Pandi Kirupa Kumari Gopalakrishna Pandian Author


Simulated intelligence client relationship management challenges salon the board reception possibilities.


Aim: The goal of this study is to investigate the elements of execution of artificial intelligence driven customer relationship management (CRM) in a PK salon management framework and to investigate the patterns of difficulties and open doors connected with the combination of man-made intelligence in the salon business.

 Methods: A subjective report dependent fundamentally upon optional examination strategies was directed to assemble bits of knowledge about simulated intelligence reception in KP salons. Writing surveys and contextual analyses connected with simulated intelligence in salon the executives were evaluated and combined. Emotional evaluations of gatherings and studies with salon accomplices give significant perspective on the helpful consequences of computerized reasoning development.




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AI-Driven Customer Relationship Management in PK Salon Management System. (2019). International Journal of Open Publication and Exploration, ISSN: 3006-2853, 7(2), 28-35.

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