Trade and Commerce in Sirhind during the Mughal Era


  • Reena Author


The Mughal Empire, renowned for its grandeur and economic prosperity, had a significant impact on trade and 
commerce across its vast territories. This paper focuses on the town of Sirhind, situated in present-day Punjab, 
India, and examines the dynamics of trade and commerce within its borders during the Mughal era. Drawing 
upon historical accounts, archival documents, and scholarly research, this study delves into the factors that 
influenced trade patterns, the commodities exchanged, the role of merchants and markets, and the impact of 
Mughal policies on Sirhind's economic landscape. Additionally, it explores the integration of Sirhind into the 
broader Mughal economy, highlighting the town's strategic location along trade routes and its role as a 
commercial hub. By shedding light on the intricate network of trade relations and economic activities in Sirhind, 
this paper contributes to a deeper understanding of the Mughal Empire's economic dynamics and its legacy in 
shaping regional economies.




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